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Sorby Bedan/Sizing Tool Set
    Sorby Bedan/Sizing Tool Set
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    • SKU: 108735-S
      Sorby Bedan/Sizing Tool Set

    • $88.90


    The Sorby Bedan/Sizing Tool set includes the Sorby Bedan Tool and the Sizing tool.

    The Bedan Tool has sides that slope inward at the bottom allowing for clearance, so the tool doesn't bind in the cut. It can be used for rolling small beads, sizing tenons or even for smoothing small diameter spindle work. Overall length 18-3/4", handle 12".

    The Sizing Tool is an accessory that attaches to a 3/8"  Bedan Tool. The Sizing Tool enables the woodturner to size repeated dimensions on spindle work accurately. Made of cast aluminum, this attachment is adjusted by loosening two thumb screws and sliding the tool to increase or decrease the distance between its tip and the Sizing Tool. The largest diameter possible with this jig is just over 3".

    The sizing tool can also be used on the Sorby 3/8" Beading and Parting Tool or the Sorby 1/4" Parting Tool.