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Tagua Nuts (5 pk)
    Tagua Nuts (5 pk)
    Purchase Tagua Nuts (5 pk)
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      Tagua Nuts (5 pk)

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    Also known as "Vegetable Ivory" Tagua Nuts have been used as an ivory substitute for many years and were very popular in making buttons for clothes before plastics were invented. They are perfect for making small turned items or they can be cut into slices and used as inlay.

    They are turned on the lathe by creating a small flat on the desired end and then using CA Glue to attach it to a waste block. The middle of the nut usually has some cracks due to drying. This area is removed when the nut is hollowed out or can be filled with Inlace inlay material. The Tagua nuts are sold in packages of 5. The nut size ranges between 1-1/2" and 2" long.