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Sharp Fast System

Grinder and tool pictured are not included

The Sharp Fast™ System was designed by Dave Hout after seeing a need to increase the ease and safety of grinding bowl and spindle gouges in the turning classes he teaches. The system is based on a patented, locked in guide that aids in creating side grinds and fingernail grinds automatically. The result is a symmetrical grind with equal angles that is easily reproduced every time. During the grinding process the hands are positioned on the handle of the tool and don't come near the grinding wheel. The Sharp Fast™ System is made up of three parts: the Tool Holder, the Sliding Arm and the Locking Base.

The Tool Holder secures gouges from 1/4" to 3/4" diameter for grinding. A special bearing locks the tool when the knob is tightened. The angle of the tool is adjusted on the side of the holder and locked with an allen wrench (provided). The shank of the Tool Holder fits into the hole on the Sliding Arm and is positioned by an adjustable stop collar. Extra tool holders can be pre-set for different tools.

The Sliding Arm has a pivoting sleeve that accepts the shaft of the tool holder. This captures the Tool Holder, keeping it in the correct position for sharpening. It also guides the Tool Holder during the sharpening process and prevents the tool from sliding off the wheel causing an accident. The Sliding Arm fits into the Locking Base. It will also fit in the base of the Oneway Wolverine System allowing the Sharp Fast™ system to be used with it.

The Locking Base attaches to the surface the grinder sits on. It is positioned under the grinding wheel and attached with screws. The Sliding Arm fits into the base and is locked in place with a cam action lever. The base can be set up on the right or left side of grinder.