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Powerlock Holders/Ext

Power sanding can help cure end grain tearout and can even be used for final shaping of the work piece. This sanding system is easy to use, saves time and will give you superior results. The Power Lock System consists of a holder, made of rubber, with a specially designed plastic hub at its center that allows a sanding disc to be changed in seconds. The 1/4" shank allows it to be held in most electric or air drills. The sanding disc is mounted by pressing it into the hub then twisting clockwise 1/4 turn. To remove the disc, simply rotate it counterclockwise and pop it out of the hub. The Power-Lock Discs are made of a tough resin bond aluminum oxide, are cloth backed and will hold up to rough sanding situations.

An 8" long extension mandrel is available as an option for use with the 1", 2" and 3" holders. This allows the turner to reach into the interiors of deeper bowls and vessels.