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Axe Carbide Tools

  • Carbide Cutter, can be rotated for a fresh edge
  • Carbide Cutter is replaceable - no sharpening needed
  • Round Stainless Steel tool shank has flat on bottom
  • Tool Shank is set extra deep in the handle - better balance
  • Handles have color coded ferrules to identify tool type
  • Can be used for standard or shear scraping
  • 16" Maple Handle with color coded ferrule
  • Exclusive handle shape indicates cutter angle
  • Made in the USA by Carter Products

The Axe Tools from Carter Products line of carbide tools were designed with input from experienced woodturners. They are available in Full Size and a smaller Hybrid Size. The Hybrid Tools are sized for use on smaller lathes and projects. The tools come with color coded ferrules to identify the cutter type.

The Axe™ Full Size Tools have a 5/8" diameter by 7" stainless steel shank with a 16" handle. The shank is set an additional 5" into the handle.

The Axe™ Hybrid Tools have a 1/2" diameter by 4" stainless steel shank, with a 13" handle. The shank is set an additional 4" into the handle. The carbide cutters are smaller (except the dia. point tool).

The Axe Tools are available with a Square Cutter (blue) (also includes a radius square cutter), a Round Cutter (Red) or a Diamond cutter (yellow). The carbide cutters are replaceable when they dull so no sharpening is ever needed.

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