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Berger Hollowing Tools

We no longer carry the Berger Hollowing Tool, but still have Replacement Cutters and Sharpening Jigs for the cutter.

The Berger Tool cutter is made of 5/16" diameter high speed steel with an angled cut across it with a bevel ground on the left side that extends around the end of the tool. This produces a small hook near the end that makes a heavy cut possible without clogging. The cutter comes glued into a 7/16" diameter shank ready to fit with a handle of the users choice.

The tool is sharpened with a diamond hone, or on a grinder using the optional Berger Sharpening Jig offered below. The Oneway or Hosaluk handles will work with this tool. The cutter can be removed by heating the tool shank. Overall shank length is 11". Instructions are included with the Berger Tool.