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Dick Sing

Pens From the Wood Lathe- by Dick Sing
Pens From the Wood Lathe- by Dick Sing
Code: 166303
Price: $12.95
Quantity in Basket: none
Here is a book about making pens and pencils on the wood lathe. These wood handled writing instruments are great for selling at craft shows, and make fabulous gifts. Dick Sing filled this book with 273 step-by-step color photos and helpful text. This skilled wood turner provides detailed instructions and a wealth of tips and techniques for twelve different styles of pens. Advice on selection of materials, setup, turning, and finishing techniques, and tips for final assembly of the pens make this book the ultimate reference for pen turners.

softcover, 64 pages, 273 photos

Unique and Unusual Pens From the Wood Lathe, by Dick Sing
Unique and Unusual Pens From the Wood Lathe, by Dick Sing
Code: 166304
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Dick Sing shows more pen and pencil turning with the same clear instruction as his popular Pen Turning Book. While this book goes into more advanced techniques it doesn't forget the basics in the process. With more than 260 photos and clear instructions, Dick shows a least a dozen variations on the pen theme. The Gallery section provides great inspiration, and a section on practical short cuts and tips is sure to speed up production of these beautiful pens and pencils.

Softcover: 64 pages

Turning Ornaments & Eggs by Dick Sing
Turning Ornaments & Eggs by Dick Sing
Code: 166307
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none

This book is a great help to those turners wanting to make beautiful Christmas ornaments, egg kaleidoscopes and decorative eggs. He helps the turner by providing step by step instructions and handy tricks for holding work pieces. Tool technique along with common sense solutions to problems are covered as well. Many pictures make the instruction easy to follow. An 11-page gallery of projects provides for great inspiration.

Softcover: 64 pages

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