Modular Tool Rest System

Posts for Different Lathes
Assembled Height
5/8'' Jet/Delta Mini Lathes 3-3/16''
3/4'' Oneway 1018 3-1/8''
7/8'' Craftsman (round bed) 5-1/2''
22mm 15'' Craftsman 21717 5-1/2''
1'' Delta 46-700/701 4-1/8''
1'' Jet/Delta, General 4-11/16''
1'' Woodfast 5-1/4''
1'' Nova 1500/3000 5-7/8''
1'' Oneway 2036/2436 7''
1'' Powermatic 3520/4224 8''
1-1/8'' Powermatic 45/90 5''
1-1/8'' Powermatic 3520 old style 8''
Vega 2600 7''

This tool rest system answers the needs of many woodturners. It is based on a tool rest post with a threaded top and brass collar that allows different sized tool rests to be easily attached to suit the job at hand. Each post is made out of a tough steel alloy for strength and durability.

Posts and T-Bar Rests are sold separately. More posts may be purchased to save time in changing to different sizes if needed.

12" or longer T-Bars, Super T-Bars, and Curved Bowl Rests are not recommended for use on posts less than 1" in diameter.

T-Bar and Super T-Bar Rests

The T-Bar Rests are made of the same tough steel alloy as the posts. They are 3/4 " diameter and are available in a wide variety of lengths. Each rest can be threaded onto the tool rest posts offered above. We also offer larger Super T-Bar rests that measure 1" in diameter to offer more stiffness in longer sizes.


Curved Bowl Rests

Made to use with the tool rest posts on this page, the 3" Curved Bowl Rest allows the turner to control the length of the tool rest so it is perfect for the project at hand. It may also be reversed for outside curves or outboard use. The rod is made of 3/4" diameter steel and is polished to a smooth surface. The support block locks the rest in place and is threaded to receive one of the tool rest posts offered separately on this page. The support block, purchased separately, is required to mount the curved bowl rests.

The maximum extension of the 3" Radius Rest is 8".

Box Rests

These two rests give good support to scrapers when making boxes and small bowls. They are machined from solid steel and fit onto the tool rest posts offered above. The small box rest measures 1" wide and extends 3-1/2" into the box while the Large Rest is 1-1/2" wide and extends 4" into the workpiece.

Tool rest post purchased separately.

Offset T-Bar Rests

Made of the same steel as the 3/4" T-Bar Rests, these tool rests are made with the hole for the post offset instead of in the middle. This is useful for getting a longer reach over a gap bed or into a turning. We offer one that is 3" by 6" (9" overall) and a 2" by 4"(6" overall) T-Bar see picture. Post is purchased separately.

Code Name Price  
112801 T-Bar Post (5/8'' Jet/Delta Mini Lathes) $15.95
112801L T-Bar Post (5/8" Rikon Mini Lathe) $17.95
112801XL T-Bar Post (5/8" Jet 1220/Delta 46-460) $21.95
112804 T-Bar Post (3/4'' Shopsmith, Oneway 1018) $25.95
112805 T-Bar Post (7/8'' Craftsman round bed) $23.95
112806 T-Bar Post (1'' Delta 46-700/701) $21.95
112807 T-Bar Post (1'' Jet/Delta, General) $21.95
112808 T-Bar Post (1'' Woodfast, Jet/Delta 14" ) $24.95
112809 T-Bar Post (1'' Nova DVR, Jet 16", Stubby) $26.95
112810 T-Bar Post (1'' Oneway 2036/2436) $26.95
112811 T-Bar Post (1'' Powermatic 3520A/4224) $31.95
112812 T-Bar Post (22mm 15'' Craftsman 21717) $31.95
112815 T-Bar Post (1-1/8'' Powermatic 45/90) $36.95
112816 T-Bar Post (1-1/8'' Powermatic 3520 old style) $42.95
112819 T-Bar Post (1-1/4" Vega 2600) $46.95
112840 1'' Box Rest (w/out post) $49.95
112841 1-1/2'' Box Rest (w/out post) $59.95
112845 T-Bar Rest (3/4'' dia. x 4'' long) $21.95
112846 T-Bar Rest (3/4'' dia. x 6'' long) $27.95
112847 T-Bar Rest (3/4'' dia. x 9'' long) $29.95

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