Epoxy Products

Stick Fast 5-Minute Epoxy - This two-part epoxy from Stick Fast is available in a 5-minute formula. The 5-minute epoxy has a working time of 3 to 5 minutes and reaches full strength in about 1 hour. Mixing in smaller quantities increases work time. Comes in two 4.5 oz. bottles. One for resin, the other for hardener.

System3 Quick Cure 15-Minute Epoxy - Quick Cure 15 Minute Epoxy is ideal for people needing more time for set up. Mix at a 1 to 1 ratio by volume. Quick Cure is highly water resistant, but not waterproof. This epoxy is quite thick, but is easily measured by squeezing equal sized portions from the convenient application bottles. Contains 4 fl oz. each of Part A and Part B.

Barrel Bond Pen Epoxy - This product is specially formulated for bonding brass tubes to pen blank materials of all types. The increased set time of this adhesive permits multiple pen production. When gluing acrylics it is recommended to scuff up the hole first with fine sandpaper.Includes 1 oz. epoxy and 1oz hardener

Code Name Price  
129010 Barrel Bond Pen Epoxy $15.50
120908 Stickfast 5 Min Epoxy $10.95
129002 System3 Quick Cure 15 Min Epoxy $18.95
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