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Mike Darlow

Fundamentals of Woodturning by Mike Darlow
Fundamentals of Woodturning by Mike Darlow
Code: 168401
Price: $24.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Mike Darlow is an Australian woodturner known for teaching woodturning internationally. This book is designed to be a guide for the beginner turner. When it comes to detail, Mike Darlow is a perfectionist. The book covers a wide range of information including: techniques for cutting and scraping tools, techniques, safety and designing your own projects from tableware to vases. Projects include boxes, bowls, hat stand, balusters and toys.

Softcover: 208 pages

Woodturning Methods by Mike Darlow
Woodturning Methods by Mike Darlow
Code: 168402
Price: $24.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Mike Darlow has been a professional turner since 1979. This book has all color photos and has clear language. Emphasis is on special turning methods that will expand the turners skills. This detailed presentation includes chucking methods, spindle turning, turning spheres, eccentric turning, multi axis woodturning, turning ellipses and drilling on the lathe.

Softcover: 199 pages

Woodturning Techniques by Mike Darlow
Woodturning Techniques by Mike Darlow
Code: 168403
Price: $24.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Darlow is the third in his series of books on woodturning. It has the same point by point coverage as the other two books in the series. Woodturning Techniques focuses on thread chasing, new ways of hollowing, sharpening techniques, nested cups and bowls, making jigs for woodturning and hand thread chasing. Detailed information is also given in the areas of gluing wood before turning, split turnings, chatter work, chucks and many more topics.

Softcover: 192 pages

Woodturning Design by Mike Darlow
Woodturning Design by Mike Darlow
Code: 168404
Price: $34.95
Quantity in Basket: none

This is the fourth in a series of excellent books by Mike Darlow. The book has 180 pages and contains 540 photos and drawings from turners around the globe. It covers design from early times to the present and gives the woodturner a process to use to apply good design to his or her work. The chapters include the following: The Design Process, A history of Aesthetics, Ornament and Mouldings, Columns, Designing Spindles, Box Design and Vessel Design.

Softcover: 180 pages

Woodturning Chessmen by Mike Darlow
Woodturning Chessmen by Mike Darlow
Code: 168406
Price: $24.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Mike Darlow has left no detail behind in his latest in a series of 5 books on woodturning. He starts out with a history of chess showing the development of the typical pieces over the centuries, followed by a gallery of different pieces made by modern turners. Chess boards are discussed along with the process of designing chess sets.

Detailed measured drawings of nine different chess sets are shown on a grid making it easy to transfer to templates. Pictures of the finished pieces are provided as well. Included are a modern set designed by the author, a set from 1480, an English set from the late 1700's, a Biedermeir set from 1770, an elegant Russian set made in 1800, and four other designs.

The last chapter of this book covers the process of turning the chess pieces. All aspects are covered thoroughly including materials needed, carving methods, wood preparation, rough and finish turning, sanding, adding weight to the pieces, tools used, work holding techniques, sanding, and finishing. If you have ever wanted to make chess pieces, this book is a must!

Softcover, 168 pages.

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