Arbortech Power Chisel

Used by Rolly Munro, the Arbortech Power Chisel is great for roughing out carvings, creating larger detail features and for removing wood quickly. Held with two hands, the Power Chisel is not activated until pressure is put on the workpiece, making it a very safe tool. Powered by a 710-watt angle grinder motor that produces 12,000 strokes per minute, this is one of the most powerful reciprocating carvers available. The smooth action of the tool gives good control of the tool. A 20mm (3/4") Flat Chisel and a 20mm (3/4") #7 Gouge are included as is a 15ml bottle of oil for lubrication.

Code Name Price  
309730 Arbortech Power Chisel $259.95
309731 Arbortech 3pc Chisel Set $69.95
309733 Arbortech 5pc Woodcarver Kit $104.50
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