Beall 3 Buff System

The 3-On System allows the turner to finish a piece without having to change buffing wheels on a hub. The steel shaft has a #2 Morse Taper on one end and has a small hole for a pointed live center on the other end. The total length is 18" allowing it to fit most mini lathes.

Three non-woven buffing wheels are placed along the shaft to allow application of both polishing compounds, and carnauba wax. Each wheel has a 3/4" hole in the center and is held on the shaft with spacers. A nut threaded on the end tightens all three wheels together.

The 3-ON System includes: Three 8" Buffing Wheels, Shaft with #2MT fitting, Tripoli Compound, White Diamond Compound, Carnauba wax and instructions.

Code Name Price  
123940 Beall 3-On Buff System $92.95
123940D Repl. Wheel - White Diamond $15.95
123940T Repl. Wheel - Tripoli $15.95
123940W Repl. Wheel - Wax $15.95
123905 Repl. Tripoli Bar $5.95
123906 Repl. White Diamond Bar $5.95
123907 Repl. 3oz Carnauba Wax Bar $6.50
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