Beall Bowl Buffs

Great for finishing the inside of bowls and goblets. Like the Beall Buffing System there are three types of Bowl Buffs. First is an all linen buff (red base) for tripoli compound (123905) to remove scratches. Second is a linen/flanel buff (blue base) for white diamond compound (123906) to remove the remaining tripoli and for final polishing. The third buff is all flannel (yellow base) for applying carnauba wax (123907). Each Bowl Buff has a 3/8" threaded bolt on the bottom to allow them to be used with the same mounting hub as the Beall Buffing System. The Bowl Buffs are available individually or in a set of three.

Code Name Price  
123932 2'' Bowl Buffs Set of 3 $34.95
123933 3'' Bowl Buffs Set of 3 $39.95
123934 4'' Bowl Buffs Set of 3 $42.95
123932D 2'' W. Diamond Buff $13.95
123932T 2'' Tripoli Buff $13.95
123932W 2'' Wax Buff $13.95
123933D 3'' W. Diamond Buff $14.95
123933T 3'' Tripoli Buff $14.95
123933W 3'' Wax Buff $14.95
123934D 4'' W. Diamond Buff $15.95
123934T 4'' Tripoli Buff $15.95
123934W 4'' Wax Buff $15.95
123911 Repl. Mounting Hub $15.95
123912 Beall #2 MT Adapter $10.95
127211 Bowl Buff Mandrel $11.95
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