Milk Paint Pints

The deep rich colors of Milk Paint reflect those colors found on existing antique furniture. It is a favorite among Windsor Chair and Shaker Box makers.

As in originally produced home-made milk paint, this product uses milk protein, lime, clay, and earth pigments such as ochre, umber, iron oxide, and lampblack. The lime becomes totally inert when mixed with the slightly acid milk protein. Contains no hydrocarbons or any other petroleum derivatives. Milk Paint is packaged in a dry powder form allowing you to control the thickness of the paint for use as either a wash/stain, full cover coat, or for stenciling. Colors can be mixed to form other hues. Each 8 oz. package will make one pint of milk paint.

  • Deep Rich Earth Colors that will not fade.
  • Matte finish when put on raw wood.
  • Non Toxic and Biodegradable
  • No lead, no chemical preservatives
  • Dry powder is easy to mix, has long shelf life
  • Adheres to almost all clean, dry porous surfaces
  • Fast Drying, Non- Flammable and solvent free

Code Name Price  
126001 Barn Red Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126002 Salem Red Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126003 Salmon Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126004 Pumpkin Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126005 Marigold Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126006 Mustard Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126007 Bayberry Green Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126008 Tavern Green Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126009 Lexington Green Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126010 Sea Green Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126011 Federal Blue Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126012 Soldier Blue Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126013 Slate Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126014 Pitch Black Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126015 Driftwood Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126016 Chocolate Brown Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126017 Buttermilk Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126018 Light Cream Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126019 Snow White Milk Paint - pint $11.95
126020 Oyster White Milk Paint - pint $11.95
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