Sorby Revolving Stebcenter

This version of the Stebcenter is made to use in the tailstock. It features two sealed bearings and a spring loaded point that will not drift when penetrating the wood like other tail centers can.

The Revolving Stebcenter is great when used for off-center work and will not split the wood when doing spindle work. If the pressure on the workpiece is lessened the center will slip in the event of a catch.

It is available in 3 end sizes: 1/2", 7/8" and 1-1/4". Available in #1 or #2 Morse Taper (except 1-1/4", which is available in #2MT only).

Code Name Price  
118740 7/8" #1MT Revolving Stebcenter $71.95
118741 7/8" #2MT Revolving Stebcenter $74.95
118744 1/2'' #2MT Revolving Stebcenter $71.95
118745 1-1/4" #2MT Revolving Stebcenter $79.95
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