3" Holdfast Faceplate

The Holdfast Faceplates are turned from steel to run true and have the strength needed for heavy duty work. They feature a zinc plated or black oxide finish, and eight holes to allow for the best fastening possibilities for the workpiece. Two flats are provided in the back of the faceplate to use a wrench for loosening from the lathe spindle. These faceplates are available threaded for three spindle sizes. An optional wrench is available.

Code Name Price  
110961 Holdfast 3 Faceplate 1 x 8 RH $29.95
110962 Holdfast 3 Faceplate 1-1/4x 8 RH $29.95
110963 Holdfast 3 Faceplate 33mm x 3.5 RH $29.95
110960 Holdfast Wrench $5.95
110964 4" Holdfast Faceplate Adaptor $30.95
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