Oneway Curved Toolrests

These heavy duty toolrests are made of 1/2" thick by 1-1/4 tall stainless steel, so they won't rust and should last a lifetime. Shaped with a gentle curve, one for the interior (general purpose), the other for the exterior. Available in 1" dia. post.

The Interior Rest has a 5" radius and is 11" long. It is attached to the post at its end giving a maximum useable length inside of the bowl.

The Exterior Rest has a 6" radius and is 12" long. The post is positioned in the middle of the rest. The Exterior Rest can also be used on the inside of more shallow bowls.

Code Name Price  
112676 1'' Exterior Curved Tool Rest for Oneway 1224 Lathe $65.95
112692 1'' Interior Rest 16-24'' Swing $62.95
112693 1'' Exterior Rest 16-24'' Swing $62.95
112692L Interior Powermatic Rest 3520/4224 $62.95
112693L Exterior Powermatic Rest 3520/4224 $62.95
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