Standard Pen/Pencil Mandrel

This new and improved Pen Mandrel is used to turn pens, pencils and other kits we offer. The length can be adjusted to the for the project at hand. The collet locking system assures good results. Simply put your blanks on the mandrel, slide the rod to the correct length and tighten the shaft.

By reducing the length of the mandrel unwanted vibration and whip are reduced. Both barrels of a pen can be turned at once if needed. Three 7mm bushings are included for turning Slimline Pens, Pencils, Key Rings and other projects. Bushings from other mandrels may or may not fit this mandrel. The shaft outside diameter of the shaft is .243" which may or may not be compatible with other pen mandrels.

Tightened by wrenchs the user provides or two optional 7/8" wrenches, sold below.

Code Name Price  
154794 #1MT Adj. Pen Mandrel $19.95
154795 #2MT Adj. Pen Mandrel $19.95
154796 2 Open 7/8" Mandrel Wrenches $4.95
150128 Pkg 3 7mm Pen Bushings $4.95
154795R Replacement Rod for Adj. Mandrel $8.95
120990 Pkg 4 Non-Stick Bushings $6.95
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