Veneer It can be difficult to find the veneers needed for segmented turning. The Bowl Kit Co. has packaged 8" x 9" pieces of .024" (just under 1/32") veneer together ready for use in your next project. Each veneer pack contains 3 square feet. The Natural veneer is a natural maple color.

Code Name Price  
157831 White Veneer Pack $21.95
157820 Black Veneer Pack $21.95
157821 Maple Veneer Pack $21.95
157824 Red Veneer Pack $24.95
157828 Yellow Veneer Pack $24.95
157829 Blue Veneer Pack $24.95
157827 Combo Pack 3 Veneer Pack (Black, White, Red) $24.95
157830 Rainbow Veneer Pack (Red, Blue, Yellow) $24.95
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