Inlace Tinting Dyes

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These Dyes can be either solid or translucent depending on the concentration used. They can be used to color the clear or colored inlace and can also be used to color epoxy glue when filling cracks. Special colors can be mixed to match inlace nuggets, metal dust or other inlay material being used. The Dyes come in 1oz Jars (by volume).

Code Name Price  
159640 Red Inlace Dye $9.95
159641 Blue Inlace Dye $9.95
159642 Yellow Inlace Dye $9.95
159643 White Inlace Dye $9.95
159644 Green Inlace Dye $9.95
159645 Orange Inlace Dye $9.95
159646 Violet Inlace Dye $9.95
159647 Black Inlace Dye $9.95
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