Lacer Skews

Made by Hamlet Craft Tools of Sheffield England to Alan Lacer's specifications, these skews are available in 5/8" or 1-3/8" wide sizes. Each tool measures 3/8" thick with a tool length of 6-1/2". The cutting edge is curved to make for a larger sweet spot and to help reduce catches. The edge on the long point side is square to make v-cuts easier while the edge on the short point side is rolled over making smoothing cuts and rolling beads easier.

The Lacer Skews are made of 3/8" thick M2 high speed steel. Both tools come fitted with a 14" handle while the 1-3/8" tool has a 16" handle.

Code Name Price  
100011 M2 5/8" Lacer Skew Chisel $79.95
100012 M2 1-3/8" Lacer Skew Chisel $129.95
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