Oneway Mastercut Gouges

The Oneway Mastercut Gouges are unhandled and made of CPM M4 high speed steel to hold an edge up to 3 times longer than tools made of M2 high speed steel.

These gouges are available in single flute and double flute versions. When used with a Oneway Shure Grip or similar handle, the turner can have a different grind on either end of the tool.

Mastercut Gouges are sized by the diameter of the steel. They are Unhandled.

Code Name Price  
102620 1/2'' Mastercut Bowl Gouge $68.95
102621 5/8'' Mastercut Bowl Gouge $86.95
102622 3/8'' Mastercut Bowl Gouge $59.95
102625 1/2'' Mastercut Spindle Gouge $54.95
102630 1/2'' Double Mastercut Bowl Gouge $94.95
102631 5/8'' Double Mastercut Bowl Gouge $119.95
102632 3/8'' Double Mastercut Bowl Gouge $80.95
102635 1/2'' Double Mastercut Spindle Gouge $76.95
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