1-1/4x8 to 1x8 Spindle Adaptor

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1-1/4x8 to 1x8 Spindle Adaptor

These Hold Fast Spindle Adapters are made of steel to adapt the lathe spindle to a different size. They have a hole going through the middle to allow them to be used with a vacuum chuck. They have flats on the sides so a wrench can be used for removing them from the lathe. They are sized by the Female thread first and then the Male thread size. So if a Powermatic lathe with a 1-1/4" spindle needed to be changed to a 1" x 8, then a 1-1/4" x 8 to 1" by 8 would be used. These spindle adaptors are made on CNC machinery for accuracy, however when using a spindle adaptor it is still not unusual to experience a small amount of run out due to cumulative spindle/adaptor error.

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