1"x8" Versa-Mount Coupling

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This faceplate system from Oneway, allows heavier pieces to easily be put on and off the lathe with less effort and no chance of cross threading the spindle or the faceplate. The system is made up of two parts, the Versa-Mount Coupling and Faceplate Rings that mount on the coupling with 3 screws. The Versa-Mount Coupling threads onto the lathe spindle.

The Faceplate Ring is fastened to the workpiece with screws. The three bolts on the back of the ring are guided into the three key-holes on the Coupling, then rotated 1/8 turn counterclockwise. It is now safe to let go of the workpiece and tighten the three bolts with a wrench. The pilot hub ensures the workpiece will run true. With multiple couplers the system allows workpieces to be moved from lathe to lathe regardless of spindle size. Great for class situations.

The Versa-Mount Couplings come threaded to fit four sizes. A universal coupling that accepts stronghold chuck inserts is available to allow for other thread sizes. A spanner wrench is included for removing the coupling from the lathe spindle.

Also available is an insert for the Oneway/Talon or Stronghold Chucks that allow them to attach to the coupling on the lathe like the Faceplate Ring would.

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