Sorby Sandmaster

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Sorby Sandmaster

This sanding device sands using the power of the spinning piece of wood. When the sanding disc contacts the spinning work piece it spins itself and sands the surface of the wood. It doesn't leave lines caused by ordinary hand sanding and helps keep the sandpaper from clogging.

The head of the sander tilts to allow access to hard to reach areas of the turning. The disc holder measures 2" in diameter, made of sponge rubber with hooks for holding standard hook and loop sanding discs. It spins in a double phosphor bronze bearing. A 3" Holder is available as an option. An assortment of ten 2" discs is supplied with each Sandmaster. More hook and loop discs can be found in our sanding section. It comes fitted with an 8-1/2" Ash handle. The overall length is 11-1/2". Includes 2 each of 60, 120, 180, 240 and 400 grit discs.

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