SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone Wheel

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SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone Wheel

This wheel can only be used on the Tormek T-7 and earlier 2000 series models that use a 10" diameter wheel.

Japanese Waterstones have long been recognized as being superior at putting the sharpest edges on tools. The Tormek SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone Wheel is a 10" diameter 4000 grit wheel that is capable of putting an extremely sharp edge on tools. The surface finish left by this wheel is like a mirror. The Tormek Waterstone Wheel is ideal for sharpening tools that need a better edge like carving tools, knives, chisels and scissors.

The Waterstone Wheel is used for honing to a finished edge and is not designed to be used for shaping tools.

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