DBS-22 Tormek Drill Bit Jig

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DBS-22 Tormek Drill Bit Jig

With the patented Tormek Drill Bit Sharpening Attachment, you can sharpen your drill bits with the highest accuracy. This sharpening attachment allows you to produce a 4-facet point on the drill bit. The four facet point will stay sharper longer and will not cause the bit to walk like the original point on the bit. Drill bits from 3 mm (1/8") to 22 mm (7/8") with point angles from 90 to 150 can be sharpened with precise accuracy. This system gives you the option to grind the optimal clearance angle according to the drill size and type of material to be drilled. This makes the drill bit better than when it was new. Water cooling eliminates overheating and micro cracks and at the low RPM you have full control over the grinding operation. No dust or sparks are produced. The DBS-22 can be used on both the Tormek T-4, T-7 or T-8 Grinders. Brad point and Forstner bits cannot be sharpened with the DBS-22.

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