Skew Chisel by Alan Lacer - DVD

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Skew Chisel by Alan Lacer - DVD

Alan Lacer has been an active woodturner for over 25 years, past president of the AAW. He has taught many classes around the country, has written articles and is responsible for inspiring many new woodturners. He shows the viewer how to reduce the fear and frustration some people encounter when using the skew chisel. In this video Alan takes you through the process of shaping, sharpening and honing the tool, using and modifying a dead cup drive center to slip if the turner gets a catch. He then covers many different skew cuts including the V-Cut, Rolling Beads, Parting Cut, Peeling Cut, Pommel Cuts and numerous others in a relaxed, intelligent and detailed manner. This video gives the woodturner exercises for continued practice.

Running Time - 90 Minutes

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