93-1/2" 1/2x3tpi Hook Tooth All Pro Bandsaw Blade

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The Olson Saw Company has been a leading manufacturer of bandsaw blades for over 80 years. The All-Pro Blades are made from a special high alloy tool steel combined with pin-point carbides, molybdenum, silicon and chrome to enhance performance and longevity. These blades feature a tooth hardness of 64-66 Rc and a tempered back hardness of 42-50Rc making them long lasting, shock resistant and perfect for dense hardwoods and exotics. The blades measure .025" thick with a hook tooth pattern for cutting thicker woods. The 1/2" blade has a hook tooth pattern with 3 per inch for cutting up to 6" and thicker.

1/4" x 4TPI Hook Tooth: 1-1/2" Minimum Cutting Diameter

3/8" x 4TPI Hook Tooth: 3" Minimum Cutting Diameter

1/2" x 3TPI Hook Tooth: 5" Minimum Cutting Diameter

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