Sorby Eccentric Chuck

This 3-7/8" chuck from Robert Sorby will open up a world of new possibilities in turning. By moving the work piece off center, radical new shapes can be created. The amount of offset ranges from 0 to 35mm. The amount of offset is indicated on the side of the chuck, as it is rotated to change the amount of eccentricity. These increments of adjustment are precise and repeatable.

The Eccentric Chuck has three methods of holding the workpiece.

1: The 2-1/8" faceplate is used for bowls and plates.

2: The 10mm(3/8") x 1"screw center is used for goblets and finials.

3: The hexagonal socket drive for use on spindle stock or other projects using the tailstock.

The Eccentric Chuck System comes housed in a fitted plastic case for easy storage when not in use. Instructions are included along with a CD for PC's and a booklet of projects. The 118701 and 118702 include patriot chuck inserts for their given size. These can be easily changed for the chuck to fit different lathes. The 118703 is direct threaded and does not use an insert.

Code Name Price  
118701 1'' x 8 Eccentric Chuck $379.95
118702 1-1/4'' x 8 Eccentric Chuck $379.95
118703 33mm Eccentric Chuck $379.95
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