Hunter #5 Carbide Tools

The #5 Hunter Tools are good for hollowing bowls and vessels into the end grain. They are made from 5/8" diameter steel and are available in a Straight and Swan Neck shape. The Straight Tool is used for initial hollowing while the Swan Neck Tool is used for the shoulder area.

Each tool uses a replaceable #3 Hunter Carbide cutter that measures 3/8" in diameter. The carbide cutter will last for up to 25-35 times longer than high speed steel before it needs replacing.

When the cutter starts to dull, loosen the screw and rotate it to a fresh edge. This can be done 4-5 times before replacing the cutter. During use the cutter is held at a 30° to 45° angle for best results. The Swan Neck Tool holds the cutter at an angle for easy use. The Hunter cutters for each tool are held in place with a Torx Head Screw. A Torx wrench and instructions are included with each tool.

Code Name Price  
101805 #5 Hunter Straight Tool (uses 3/8"cutter) $119.95
101806 #5 Swan Neck Tool (uses 3/8"cutter) $129.95
101803C Extra #3 Hunter Cutter (3/8") $22.95
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