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Micro Modular System Tools

This system of smaller tools is based on a 5-1/2" aluminum handle that has knurls for a good grip and is anodized to prevent wear. Two set screws secure the tool of choice in the handle. Extra handles as well as a longer 7-3/4" handle may be purchased for dedicated use or the tools can be switched when needed.

Code Name Price  
108812 Sorby Micro 12 Piece Set $199.95
108806 Sby Micro Pen Turning Set $73.50
108804 Sorby Micro Spindle Set $60.95
108804G Sorby Micro 1/2" Gouge Blade $16.95
108804S Sorby Micro 1/4" Skew Blade $13.95
108804P Sorby Micro 5/32" Parting Blade $13.95
108801 Sorby Micro Spiral System $82.95
108801HO Sorby Head Only Micro Spiral Tool $62.95
108801T Sorby Micro Texture Cutter $12.95
108801F Repl. Sorby Fine Micro Spiral Cutter $12.95
108801M Repl. Sorby Med Micro Spiral Cutter $12.95
108803 Sorby Micro Hollow System $61.95
108803B Sorby Micro Boring Blade Only $15.95
108803R Sorby Micro Round Nose Blade Only $15.95
108803S Sorby Micro Curved Blade Only $15.95
108802 Sorby Micro Sandmaster $55.95
108802HO Sorby Head Only Micro Sandmaster $34.95
108802SP Sorby Micro Replacement 1" Pad $11.95
108805 Sorby 5-1/2" Micro Alum. Handle $22.95
108807 Sorby 7-3/4" Micro Alum Handle $30.95
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