Decorating Elf Tool

The Decorating Elf Tool is perfect for creating endless patterns and textures on turnings. The tool uses a ball-shaped cutter that is pressed against the spinning workpiece to work it's magic. The ball cutter works best when used in a cove on the workpiece. A special Boars Hair Brush is included to burnish the fuzz off the cuts if needed. Two optional cutters are available to create even more patterns and textures. The Decorating Elf includes 5/16" (8mm) high speed steel Ball Cutter, beech handle, solid brass body, two sealed bearings and an integrated rare earth magnet to hold the cutter.

Code Name Price  
104090 Decorating Elf Tool $59.95
104092 Elf Coving Tool $27.95
104093 Elf Point Tool $27.95
104096 8mm Cylinder Cutter with Spacer $9.50
104097 8mm Bud Cutter with spacer $9.50
104098 Repl Ball Cutter for Elf Tool $9.50
104088 Elf Combo Package $69.95
104094 Elf Pro Package $119.95
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