Taylor Kryo Tools

These new tools are the result of an advanced cryogenic process that has been used in other industries, such as metal working and even stock car racing. The M2 high speed steel is put through a complex immersion process, down to temperatures of -300° Fahrenheit, changing the structure of the steel producing into a fine harder martensitic structure.

This translates into better wear resistance, meaning better edge holding ability of the tools. Our independent testing with professional woodturners has confirmed the manufacturers claims of up to 3 times longer edge holding ability than standard M2 high speed steel. This edge holding performance is similar to the ASP2030 or Pro PM steels. The honing ability of the Kryo tools is very good allowing the tools to take a very sharp edge. They perform well in abrasive exotic woods. We think these tools with the subtle gold hue represent a new step in turning tool development and are well worth trying in your shop.

Detail Gouge Diamond Parting Tool Kryo Spindle Roughing Gouge
Round Nose Scraper Skew Chisels Spindle Gouge
Square End Scraper Superflute Bowl Gouges
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