Full-Size Easy Rougher

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Full-Size Easy Rougher

The Full-Size Easy Rougher is designed to allow for roughing out faceplate and spindle stock without fatigue and fear of catches! This tool removes wood quickly and easily. It uses a square carbide cutter with a slightly curved edge (4" radius) that never needs sharpening. Just rotate it to a new edge when it becomes dull and replace it when needed.

The Easy Rougher Tool is used flat on the tool rest in a horizontal position directing the force of cutting down to the toolrest, reducing strain for the user. The shank of the tool is made of 1/2" square stainless steel that measures 8-3/8" and comes fitted with a 16" handle. Available unhandled Available as an option are a Square Cutter for roughing when a square corner is needed and a Curved Cutter with a 2" radius for roughing the inside of bowls less than 8" diameter. An optional Chip Deflector is available.

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