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Pro-Forme Advanced Set
    Pro-Forme Advanced Set
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    • SKU: 101729
      Pro-Forme Advanced Set

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    Each Tool Includes a Cutter and Cut Limiter

    We have bundled the following tools and offer a discount to help you get starte turning with the Pro-Forme Tools.  Advanced Set Includes Straight Tool, Slight Bend Shaft. Bent Tool, and one 20" Pro Master Handle

    The Pro-Forme Hollowing Tools are well known for fast wood removal. They feature a Patented M2 high speed steel hook shaped cutter designed to prevent the shavings from clogging. The cutter assembly features a Safety Gauge on the top that is used to set the depth of cut and reduces catches. It also acts as a bevel to help control the cutting action. The tools are available with three shank styles: A. Straight, B. Slight Bend and C. Bent. Each shaft measures 5/8" diameter by 12-1/2" long and includes a cutter with the Safety Gauge. Each shaft is held in the Pro-Master Handle or in other handle systems. The Pro-Master Handle measures 1-1/16" diameter by 20" with a foam rubber grip that is 1-1/2" diameter to limit fatigue during use. The design allows for a second Pro-Master handle to be attached to allow for deeper vessels to be turned.