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7/8" Stebcenter #2MT
    7/8" Stebcenter #2MT
    Purchase 7/8" Stebcenter #2MT
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      7/8" Stebcenter #2MT

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    The Stebcenter is an invention from England that has benefits for both novice and experienced woodturners doing spindle work. It features a spring loaded center point and a serrated driving ring.

    The spring loaded stainless steel center point, keeps the point from drifting when penetrating the wood and allows the workpiece to be stopped for inspection at any time without turning the lathe off. This is done by loosening the tailstock handwheel enough to cause the spring loaded point to push the work away from the driving ring. The Stebcenter also allows for the workpiece to be removed and replaced without turning the lathe off.

    Mark the centers on each end of the wood with a center punch. Place the dimple left in the wood against the center point. Next, put the live center point into the other end of the piece. Increase the tailstock pressure until the the wood contacts the outer ring and starts spinning. The piece may be removed and replaced.

    The Patented serrated ring collar allows the lathe to slip if a catch happens, saving the workpiece from damage and the turner's nerves from stress. As the turner becomes more experienced, pressure from the tailstock is increased to grip the wood with no slipping. A workpiece should be driven with the least amount of pressure possible to keep whip to a minimum. As the turner becomes more experienced the pressure can be increased for driving larger pieces of wood. The drive ring also keeps the wood from splitting which is very helpful with smaller stock. The Stebcenter is available 1/2'', 7/8" and 1-1/4" diameter sizes for a wide range of applications.

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