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Basic Wolverine System
    Basic Wolverine System
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    • SKU: 142611
      Basic Wolverine System

    • $89.95


    Grinder, wood, and tool not included.

    The Wolverine System is great for sharpening your turning tools. The complete system we offer gives you the ability to sharpen almost any woodturning tool.

    The Basic System includes:

    • Two Bases that are made of extruded aluminum, mount under each wheel to provide a way to secure the attachments that are being used for use on either wheel of your grinder. Each base has a cam-lock for easy use and measures 8" by 3-1/2" wide and 1-1/2" high.
    • Tilting Platform that gives support for sharpening scrapers, gouges and parting tools. It can be tilted to a wide range of angles and can be moved toward or away from the wheel. The platform is 1/4 thick steel and measures 3 x 5.
    • V-Arm Attachment that can be used to sharpen Bowl Gouges (standard grind), Roughing Gouges or Parting Tools, by resting the butt end of the tool handle in the "V" pocket and the Cutting edge on the grinding wheel. The angle of the bevel is set by moving the V-Arm closer or farther away from the grinder.