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Spartan 8" x 1" CBN Wheel - 80 Grit
    Spartan 8" x 1" CBN Wheel - 80 Grit
    Purchase Spartan 8" x 1" CBN Wheel - 80 Grit
    • SKU: 146501
      Spartan 8" x 1" CBN Wheel - 80 Grit

    • $127.95


    Now you can get the cool grinding and easy sharpening of CBN Abrasive in a more affordable wheel.  
    The Spartan 8" x 1" CBN Wheels feature a body made of 6061 Aluminum making the wheels quieter, cooler and more economical.  
    These 8" wheels are 1" wide so they are compatible with the guards on most bench grinders for maximum safety. The Electroplated CBN material wraps around the square edge and down 1/4" for sharpening box scrapers and boring bar cutters. The Spartan Wheels have a 5/8" bore and are impervious to oils and chemicals. These CBN Wheels are covered by a Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty against warping twisting. The CBN Abrasive will not peel, ship, crack, or come off.
    To help prevent side to side wobble it is a good idea to use one or two steady discs to replace the flanges that came with the grinder. They are available below.  
    The Spartan Wheels are available in the following grits: 80, 180, 350, 600, 1,000.
    • Makes tools extremely sharp
    • 6061 Aluminum Body with 5/8" bore
    • Grinds fast and does not overheat the tool
    • Requires a minimal amount of pressure
    • 1/4" of side grit side for grinding scrapers
    • Eliminates sparks during grinding
    • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty
    • Will not warp and CBN Grit will not chip
    • Not recommended for sharpening Carbide or softer tool steel

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