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Paua Abalone - Lg 2oz
    Paua Abalone - Lg 2oz
    Purchase Paua Abalone - Lg 2oz
    • SKU: 158002
      Paua Abalone - Lg 2oz

    • $24.95


    The Jewelry Grade Paua Abalone is a rare, unique species of abalone found only in New Zealand's coastal waters. 
    The interior shell exhibits opalescent blues, rich greens, and luminous fiery flashes. 
    Large Chips: range in size from 8 to 35mm. 2oz contains about 100 pieces in various shapes.
    • Opalescent blues, rich greens, luminous colors
    • Use with bottle stoppers, earrings, pens, knife handles, boxes, vessels, and more.
    • 5mm to 35mm sizes in various shapes
    • Easy to use, apply with CA glue or Epoxy
    • Comes in reusable jar for easy storage