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L/XL Handsaver Glove (1)
    L/XL Handsaver Glove (1)
    Purchase L/XL Handsaver Glove (1)
    • SKU: 199303
      L/XL Handsaver Glove (1)

    • $22.95


    • Improves grip
    • Protects hands from cuts
    • Safer hand held carving
    • Machine washable
    • Left or right hand use

    Available in three sizes that run large. The small size is best for use by women.

    Made of the same material as "bullet proof" vests these gloves are a must when doing hand held carving. They will also improve your grip on the piece being carved. The gloves are machine washable and are reversable for left or right hand use. Available in three sizes that run large.

    WARNING: Not for use with power tools.