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Razertip for Dual Pen
    Razertip for Dual Pen
    Purchase Razertip for Dual Pen
    • SKU: 217690
      Razertip for Dual Pen

    • $159.95


    • Made in Canada, 26 years of development.
    • Large 10 amp power supply
    • Smooth variable power output
    • Near instant heat from low level to red hot
    • Single or double pen models available
    • Toggle switch for selection on double model
    • Dual Pen model has lower temperatures for sculpting plastics and wax
    • Cords are included, pens are sold separately

    The Dual Pen Razertip burner has the same 10 amp power supply but can control two pens. Both pens are plugged into the burner unit. A toggle switch allows the user to select the pen needed. This unit also features an extra low-end temperature adjustment for detailing plastics and sculpting wax. The Dual Pen burner is supplied with two heavy duty wires for plugging in two pens. Pens are not included and must be purchased separately.