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1-1/2"sq x 12" Bubinga
    1-1/2"sq x 12" Bubinga
    Purchase 1-1/2"sq x 12" Bubinga
    • SKU: 254738
      1-1/2"sq x 12" Bubinga

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    We offer wood in spindle stock and bowl turning stock. The spindle stock has the grain running with the longest dimension. The Bowl Stock is stated by thickness by length and width which are the same. A lot of these woods are exotic and may contain small checks. Also, Sap Wood is not considered a defect. The spindle stock sizes listed can vary by 1/8" larger or smaller from the size listed. The 3" spindle stock and Bowl Stock may vary up to 1/4" plus or minus from the size listed. Keep your wood it in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. It is also a good idea to let the moisture content of the wood stabilize by keeping in it your shop for at least several weeks before turning it. It is best to use a moisture meter to make sure the wood will be at the desired moisture content before turning. Due to the unpredictable supply of some species, we may be out of stock for longer than we prefer. If we feel the wait will be too long, we will not back order the item and drop it from the order.