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Pro-Mount Spindle 33mm

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    Pro-Mount Stand shown with optional Pro-Mount Spindle for mounting chuck or faceplate and optional Tool Post to allow mounting in a lathe tool rest base (not included).

    The Pro-Mount Detailing Stand allows a workpiece mounted in a chuck or on a faceplate to be held in the best position needed for carving, texturing or other embelishing. The chuck or faceplate, threads onto the Pro-Mount spindle.

    The Pro-Mount spindle has threads to match your lathe and is also drilled through to allow for a vacuum set up to be used if needed. The bottom of the spindle has a 1/4� BSP Thread for a air fitting to screw in. After mounting the workpiece, it can be easily rotated 360�deg; by using the outer handle. It can be pivoted up to 360�deg; by using the inner handle. With the handles tightened, the workpiece is held firmly and will not move.

    The Pro-Mount body can be held in the tool rest base (banjo) on your lathe using the optional Tool Post with collar. If you have the Woodcut Bowl Saver the post for it can be used with the Pro-Mount.

    The optional Bench Stand allows the Pro-Mount to be screwed to a table and has slots to also allow mounting on a milling machine cross slide or drill press table. The bench stand can also be fastened to a table with the optional Table Clamp. This makes the unit very portable.