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Nick Agar Stencils

Nick Agar has used stencils and made his own for many years creating and teaching woodworking and decorating techniques. Chroma Craft has worked closely with Nick to develop the design and detail to produce just the right shape and size to suit his artistic style. The Stencil material is specially formulated for use with low saturation solvent or acrylic paints. The self-adhering film is flexible, can be repositioned and reusable. They can conform to complex shapes, and the precision die-cut can be used for both a positive and negative image. The translucent film allows clarity for layering techniques as well as visibility of the pattern. The Stencils can be used with any combination of techniques including airbrush, dauber or roller with Chroma Craft dyes, paints and markers. They can also be used to trace lines to be burned into the wood after the stencil is removed. Each stencil sheet is approximately 8" x 11" with multiple sized cut-outs (approx. 10 per sheet), 2 sheets per pack.

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