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Beall Buffing System

This is an excellent system for finishing letter openers, tool handles, bowls or any items that can be held and polished. This System gives a flawless finish by removing small scratches and imperfections and is high on our customer satisfaction list. The Beall Buffing System comes with two 9" and one 8" non-stitched buffing wheels and a special mounting hub that fits on the 1/2" or 5/8" shaft of a 1/3 or 1/2 horsepower motor. The mounting hub allows the buffing wheels to be changed quickly and easily without the use of tools. A set of three 4"wheels is available as an option for those doing smaller work as is an adaptor for mounting the hub on #2MT lathes.

To finish a piece of wood use the all linen wheel loaded with tripoli compound to remove scratches, use the softer linen-flannel wheel loaded with white diamond compound to remove any remaining tripoli and for final polishing, use the flannel wheel loaded with carnauba wax to create a beautiful finish. The Beall Buffing System includes the three Buffing Wheels, one bar of Tripoli, White Diamond and Carnauba Wax, mounting hub, and Instructions.

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