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Modern Longworth Chuck

● Adjusts quickly to size of the turning

● Silicone buttons won't damage the workpiece

● Buttons can expand to increase, or change grip

● Includes 8 buttons, replacements available

● 1/4" Phenolic plates rorate and lock easily

● Held in most 4-Jaw Chuck dovetail jaws 

● #2 - 2-1/4" (50mm) Dovetail Jaws, 20" #3 - 4-1/4 Dovetail Jaws

● Adaptor made of strong high carbon tool steel

● Adaptor is made to be held with dovetail jaws 

● Maximum gripping 2" less than size listed 

● Available in 10", 12", 16", 20" minimum  lathe swing sizes

● Includes knurled nuts & wing nuts for tightening 

● Recommended speed is 600 rpm

● Not for use with Oneway Profile Jaws

The Modern Longworth Chuck by RMWoodco is used to hold bowls for finish turning the bottom. Just rotate the two phenolic discs to change the size.  The chuck comes with a 3/8" thick hub on the back to hold it in the jaws of your chuck.  The tailstock can be used to help secure the turning. Available as options are Rim Rings to put under turning for protection, and Replacement Grippers with and without hardware. 

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