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Veritas Sharpening Products

The Veritas Grinder Tool Rest will improve any 6" 7" or 8" bench grinder. It mounts on the bench in front of your grinder with two bolts. The table measures 4" long and can be set to the proper angle using the angle setting jig that is included. The tool rest has a slot for jigs to slide in, and a hole in the middle for mounting the Veritas Skew Grinding Jig (below). The tool rest is made of anodized aluminum and has a notch in it for a 1" wide grinding wheel. Grinder and wheel not included.

The Veritas Skew Grinding Jig has a 1/4" dia. steel pin on the bottom for mounting on the Veritas Grinder Tool Rest (above). The Skew-Grinding Jig makes it easy to sharpen skews with a radius cutting edge. The tool is held in the jig by a clamp at the correct angle and then flipped over for the other bevel. Instructions are included. (Tool not included)

The Veritas Scraper Burnisher allows you to put a better quality hook on high speed steel woodturning scrapers which are hard to burnish by hand. The hook is produced by using the straight steel rod to pivot the tool against the conical shaped carbide burnishing rod. More pressure creates a coarse hook suited for shaping, while light pressure makes a finer hook for finish cuts. A wide variety of scrapers can be sharpened. The Scraper burnisher has holes so it can be attached to a piece of wood. Includes one steel pivot rod and two conical shaped carbide burnishing rods. (Tool not included)

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