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Hosaluk Handles

Color may be different than picture. Call or email for more information.

These tool handles designed by Michael Hosaluk are made of vinyl wrapped aluminum or steel. The aluminum handles gives a better feel of the tool during the cutting process and sharpening. The steel handle is better for roughing situations where maximum dampening of vibration is needed. The tool is held in place with two set screws and can be adjusted in and out of the handle to provide the best length for the project at hand. The aluminum handles come in 12" and 18" lengths and are 1-1/4" diameter. The steel handles come in 18" and 22" lengths and are 1-1/4" diameter.

All the handles except the 22" have a 1/2" hole in one end and a 5/8" hole in the other. The 22" handle has a 5/8" hole in one end and a 3/4" hole in the other. This allows it to be used with the Sorby or Stewart Armbrace handles. Available as an option is an adaptor with a 3/8" hole to allow the use of smaller tools in the Hosaluk handles. It is made of steel and is held in the 5/8" hole of the handle.

Now you can make wooden tool handles that offer the convenience of the tool changing feature of the Hosaluk Tool handles. These adaptors offer an easy change alternative to fitting a single tool into a wooden handle. After drilling the proper hole, the adaptor is glued into the handle with epoxy. The hole is drilled deeper than needed for the adaptor to allow for tool adjustment. Each adaptor has two set screws for securing the tool in place. Adaptors are available with center holes of 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8". They require holes of 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8" to be drilled in the handle before gluing them in place. Spade bits work well for this as they make a slightly oversized hole.

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