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Thread-Lok Ferrules

Wooden handles will be much easier to make with this product from Oneway Manufacturing. A taper is turned on the piece of wood and the internal threads of the ferrule allow it to be twisted onto the wood. The benefits of this system means you won't have to worry about drilling just the right size hole for the tool.

Splitting the wood when inserting the tool is a thing of the past, and wood shrinkage can be compensated for with a simple twist of the handle. The tools are held securely in the ferrule by one or two set screws depending on the ferrule size.

Made from solid aluminum that is anodized, the Thread-Lok Ferrules come in four sizes with holes of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" diameters. The ferrules range from 2-1/4" to 3" long. The outer diameter of the ferrules ranges from 1" to 1-3/8". Templates are available below to help size the tenon turned on the handle blank.

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